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IGN: Milenko353
By Milenko353 » 10 months ago
Hello Lextopians!!

So Im sure most of you noticed that I have not been on the server much... or at all.. since late November. This is due to the fact that Fallout 76 was released and has been taking up almost all of my free time! But the shiny newness of the game has finally worn off and Im back!!!!

So I know a couple of you noticed the server was down for a bit, I know the server bill is not a ton but I am struggling to find the extra money to keep it going right now. I have set up the donation store again and it is pretty bare right now but I will be working on adding new stuff and tons of awesome perks for donators over the next couple of weeks. Anyone who is interested in seeing the server stick around please feel free to buy a VIP rank and help us out. The rewards for this will be pretty basic to start with but I have some pretty fun ideas and even will be seeking input from you guys! 

Stay up to date on what we will be doing right here at